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As the White House scans Washington for a bounce-back win after the Obamacare imbroglio, the political forecast is promising only heavy weather.
A federal judge in Hawaii has granted the state's request for a longer term halt of the revised travel ban executive order. US District Court Judge Derrick Watson blocked the revised executive order two weeks ago -- but it was only a temporary halt through a restraining order. The plaintiffs asked for it to be converted into a longer term preliminary injunction, and he agreed Wednesday night.
Sen. John McCain said Wednesday he will do whatever it takes to make sure that military spending is increased in the next spending bill even if that means shutting down the government.
Saturday, April 29, will mark President Trump's 100th day in office. But will it also mark Day 1 of a government shutdown?
In response to a possible democratic filibuster, Senator Lindsey Graham says he will stop at nothing to make sure Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is nominated, including using the "nuclear option."
The President's order to end Clean Power Plan threatens the job growth, environmental benefits Obama set in motion, and will hurt people Trump says he wants to help.
Donald Trump's budget proposal was a statement of intent. And his actions this week were a down payment.
The Senate intelligence committee has run a steady and low-key investigation into Russia's interference in the US elections and communications with the campaign of President Donald Trump, but Thursday marks the panel's first public hearing, which could offer some insights into where senators are thinking in private.
When President Donald Trump's son-in-law and aide Jared Kushner voluntarily appears before the Senate intelligence committee, he will describe his interactions with Russians during the transition as a point man "looking for the right person to engage with on Russia," and nothing more, according to a source familiar with what transpired.
Sally Yates, a not widely-known deputy to Loretta Lynch at the Department of Justice, has suddenly become Washington's version of a "person of interest."
Ivanka Trump is changing course and will become a government employee in the coming days, a White House official told CNN Wednesday.
After a contentious -- and some said condescending, sexist and racist -- back-and-forth with White House reporter April Ryan at a press briefing Tuesday, Sean Spicer tried to get over the dust-up at the Wednesday briefing.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer offered reporter April Ryan the first question and a laugh at the White House press briefing one day after the two engaged in a heated exchange.
The thousands of Russians who took to the streets over the weekend may not have vented their fury directly at Vladimir Putin, but the President certainly took note of the message.
FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday his agency makes its decisions on a nonpartisan basis and said he doesn't care about the political backlash of the choices he makes.
Japan is considering a further step away from its long-held pacifist stance with a proposal which would allow it, for the first time since World War II, to strike overseas targets.
Theresa May is taking a lead from a frequently divorced former monarch in preparing the way for post-Brexit Britain.
An American Airlines first officer died Wednesday after becoming incapacitated during the last phases of landing at Albuquerque, New Mexico, two people familiar with the situation said.
Twelve people aboard a minibus bringing churchgoers back from a retreat were killed Wednesday in a two-vehicle crash in the Texas Hill Country, officials said.
Late Wednesday night, North Carolina lawmakers and the governor reached an agreement to repeal the state's controversial "bathroom bill," called HB2.
A Trump University student won't settle her fraud case until she sees President Donald Trump in court. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.
Move over Warren Buffett! Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now the second richest person on Earth.