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Republican candidate Greg Gianforte was considered the favorite heading into Montana's special election Thursday night to replace Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, but that was before the Republican allegedly "body slammed" a reporter during his final campaign event in Bozeman Wednesday.
Republican Greg Gianforte, who was charged with assaulting reporter Ben Jacobs on the eve of the Montana special election, gives his victory speech during which he apologized for his actions.
At the very top of the job description for "politician" -- and especially so for "candidate" -- is the requirement to take questions and give answers, either with constituents or reporters. This might sometimes be an uncomfortable practice. Occasionally, the exchanges can be infuriating.
Greg Gianforte, the Republican candidate in Montana's special congressional election, has been charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly body slammed a reporter and broke his glasses.
The Republican candidate in Montana's special congressional election allegedly "body slammed" a reporter and broke his glasses, according to an audio recording of the event and eyewitness accounts.
On Wednesday, the Republican candidate in Montana's special congressional election, Greg Gianforte, was charged with misdemeanor assault after he allegedly body slammed a Guardian political reporter, Ben Jacobs.
The FBI's criminal probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election is increasingly touching on the multiple roles of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner on both the Trump campaign and the Trump transition team.
The Department of Justice declined for now to provide documents to House oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz related to former FBI Director James Comey's communications with President Donald Trump.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will make his first official visit to the UK on Friday amid a transatlantic spat over intelligence leaks in the wake of Monday's deadly terror attack.
A federal appeals court upheld Thursday an injunction against President Donald Trump's travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries.
Former CIA counterterrorism official Phil Mudd says that President Trump's order to ban immigration from six Muslim-majority countries will not make the US more safe.
Overnight, this serene town on the Sicilian coast turned into a nest of powerhouse international diplomacy. It's here where President Donald Trump and his counterparts from six of the world's most powerful countries have gathered for a two-day summit -- the G-7 -- to discuss the globe's most pressing problems.
While walking with the NATO leaders during his visit to the alliance's headquarters Thursday, President Donald Trump pushed aside Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, as he moved to the front of a group of the leaders.
Here's what I see when I look at Sean Spicer, President Donald Trump's battered press secretary: A man who chews and swallows 35 pieces of gum every day, who routinely stands up before the assembled Washington media corps to offer himself up for a ritual flogging to deflect from the President's latest misstep, and who knows he will never again be able to walk down the street without a passer-by reminding him that his entire life's work as a Republican communications strategist has been rendered a cartoonish joke by a comedienne on a wobbly motorized podium.
Democratic strategist Paul Begala advises Jared Kushner not to lie during the FBI's criminal probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
The US Supreme Court on Thursday night issued a temporary stay in the execution of Alabama inmate Tommy Arthur.
Beneath its heavy cloud cover, Jupiter has been able to keep its secrets from astronomers. Now, first results from NASA's Juno mission are challenging researchers' beliefs about the gas giant.
Under martial law, the island of Mindanao and its main city Marawi are mostly empty. CNN's Will Ripley reports on Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte ordering martial law after deadly clashes broke out between Filipino government troops and Islamist militants.
President Donald Trump helped the nation reach a rare moment of racial reconciliation, but hardly anyone noticed.
The man behind the massively successful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is facing major financial hurdles in his own fight against ALS.
On Thursday, Mark Zuckerberg returned to Cambridge to collect an honorary doctorate and give a commencement speech to the class of 2017.
Former White House photographer Pete Souza has mastered the "show, not tell" technique in outlining the stark contrasts between former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.
Actress Sarah Hyland posted a message on Twitter addressing claims by some social media users that she may be anorexic.